Announcement of the 2nd TDM school on Urban Computing 2021 - Visual Computing

“Urban Computing 2021: focus on Visual Computing” is the second of a series of three schools planned within the project "Tessuto Digitale Metropolitano - TDM" on the interdisciplinary theme of Urban Computing.

This year the school is focused on "Visual Computing", and is structured in a single module in Italian. The lessons will be mainly frontal with a hands-on component to experiment with the solutions presented. The delivery mode is online due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 emergency.

The school is aimed at students (master's and Ph.D.), professionals, employees of companies and public administrations and citizens who want to deepen the themes of urban informatics and co-develop solutions to improve the city.

The modules of the school are:

  • Visual Analytics for Urban Data (Rita Borgo, King's College, London)
  • Study of Urban Traffic Structure (Marco Cogoni, CRS4, Cagliari)
  • Introduction to Information Visualization (Enrico Puppo, University of Genoa)
  • Interactive Visualizations (L. Davide Spano, University of Cagliari)
  • FAIR Principles (Francesca Frexia and Alessandro Sulis, CRS4, Cagliari)

Registrations are free and will allow participation in all sessions of the school.

The day of Monday will be introductory and intended to overview the topics covered for the rest of the week. It can be followed, therefore, even without specific prior knowledge of the topics covered.

All further information about the school, the project and the class schedule, including the registration form, are available at: