Demos and Software

In this page, we list a series of publicly available demos and software, and hardware produced by the project.

Edge gateway

One of the main goals of the TDM project is to create a scalable architecture for the acquisition, integration and analysis of data from heterogeneous sources able to manage the data generated in an extended metropolitan area. Part of this data will come from sensors spread over the territory. The project involves the development of a general-purpose reference design aimed to management of peripheral sensors and  transmission of collected signals. This platform is called the Edge Gateway.

The Edge Gateway is for general use and it has been specifically designed to be used with other infrastructures based on the FIWARE paradigm. It can also be used on other systems such as, for example, IoT Amazon AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure clouds to build OASC-compliant solutions.

All the software created is made available on GITHUB:

TDM Edge Gateway

Open data portal and applications

The core of the TDM project are the tons of data acquired so a showcase is needed to meet the different needs of the project, this showcase consists of several portals that provide an interface between the user and the underlying infrastructure.
Some of these interfaces provide data, others organize them and others give them a presentation layer.

  • DATA is the data source of Open Data. Here are exposed the files that are produced by the TDM processing infrastructure
  • REST is the data source of the processed data, from here it is possible to download files and descriptors that define a data catalog
  • DEMO is the showcase of the project, here are hosted data information, several demos and tutorials, the viewer and small guides on how to directly access the data
  • GRAFANA is the realtime data visualizer of the sensors that feeds the project.
REST - the access is API-driven