Open Data Portal Online

The Open Data distribution portal represents the primary mechanism of use of the data produced by the TDM project. With this release, December 2018, we make available a fully accessible version of the portal allowing technology transfer initiatives to start experimenting with TDM Open Data  and interfaces. This is a release with mainly methodological purposes: with this release, we switch on the interfaces and provided a significant set of concrete examples of the types of data produced and exported by the project. This data supply will be gradually expanded with the evolution of the work. To describe the data, TDM uses the main standards and best practices relevant in the context of Smart Cities, based, for example, on the NGSI data format used by OASC/FIWARE for data from sensors and the CF (Climate and Forecast) international standard  for the description of data from simulations and radar acquisitions.

The data generated so far are available at the URL