Spring schools on Urban Informatics

During the project, three schools will be organized to train professionals on Urban Informatics, with skills to be spent not only locally but of great interest and topicality on a global scale.

Course curriculum plans will include basic disciplines on data acquisition, manipulation, aggregation, and analysis; presentation of software tools, problem-solving platforms applied to the urban area; exploration of work-related issues on large datasets, and understanding of data sources such as instrumentation, sensors, images and data generated by mobile devices. Exploration of ethical issues related to data processing, privacy regulations, and an introduction to social sciences will also be included.

The first Spring School was held in Cagliari from 15 to 22 May 2019 on "Big data: acquisition, treatment and statistical methods of analysis". All information is available at the following link: http://school2019.tdm-project.it/en/

The second Spring School will be held online, due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, from 21 to 25 June 2021 and will be focused on "Visual Computing". All information is available at the following link: http://school2021.tdm-project.it/en/