The TDM project aims at studying and developing innovative methods and technologies to offer innovative smart solutions to improve city attractiveness, resource management and the safety and quality of the life of citizens, by means of advanced communication networks and widespread distributed sensors and the study and development of innovative vertical solutions.

In particular, the project will address the following topics:

  • open technologies for ubiquitous communication and distributed sensing;
  • aggregation, processing, and distribution of big data/open data;
  • citizens safety from environmental risks;
  • energy awareness and smart energy grids;
  • scalable distribution and display of large amounts of data, with special reference to the cultural heritage assets.

The project is complemented by a dissemination and training plan with three Spring Schools on Urban Informatics.

The project is part of a broader framework that aims to make Sardinia one of the most important regions in the development and application of innovative technologies for smart cities. In particular, project tests will be carried out by means of the computing and network infrastructures made available by the Joint Innovation Center - JIC, located in the scientific and technological park POLARIS (Pula, Cagliari), at a city spatial scale, through a collaboration with the City of Cagliari.

A framework agreement between CRS4 and the City of Cagliari was signed in September 2017 for joint activities of experimentation, innovation, technology transfer and higher education on the topic of smart & safe city (Council Resolution 140 of 26 September 2017).