May 29: E7 magazine interviews Enrico Gobbetti on the TDM project

The weekly online magazine E7 published on May 29, 2019 an interview with the scientific coordinator of the project "Tessuto Digitale Metropolitano-TDM", Enrico Gobbetti, given after the inauguration of the 1st Spring School TDM Urban Computing 2019 - Big Data.

The interview, in the Smart City column at pages 13-15 of the issue n.261 (in italian), concerns the objectives of the TDM project, the transversal enabling technologies, the vertical applications (weather and energy), along with the training and technology transfer activities oriented to the territory.

E7 of the publisher "Gruppo Italia Energia", is published every Wednesday and mainly deals with circular economy issues, like networks, technology, energy efficiency, smart cities, scenarios and comments.