TDM Coordinator Enrico Gobbetti keynote speaker of EUROGRAPHICS 2019

On May 9, Enrico Gobbetti, director of Visual Computing at CRS4 and scientific coordinator of the TDM project, has been invited to give a plenary lecture on the topic of Creation and exploration of reality-based models. In his talk, he has reflected on the successes, limitations, and challenges of applying visual computing research results in practice and identified research opportunities lying ahead. Early results obtained within the TDM project have been used as practical examples of the current challenges connected to interactive visualization of massive simulation data.

The Eurographics annual conference is a major international event in the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques. It is a unique platform for the computer graphics community to showcase latest techniques, industrial, and educational work, as well as to explore new research trends and ideas. Eurographics 2019, the 40th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, will take place from May 6-10 in Genoa, Italy, and is expected to gather hundreds of experts from all over the world.