An application for environmental monitoring of interior environments is online

The meteorological-environmental monitoring of confined environments is of interest for many application fields. These hardware and software solutions require equipment for measuring environmental parameters (illumination, temperature, pressure, humidity, air speed, particulate matter, etc.) and systems that aggregate this data and extract useful information, presenting it in an effective manner to support decision making. The wide variety of applications range from safety at work, to energy saving through the control of air conditioning systems, to microclimate control in museums. The TDM project, through its sensors and its components for data aggregation, analysis, presentation and dissemination as open data, offers many possibilities.

This demo, visible in the TDM demo web portal, allows users to monitor temperature and humidity trends inside the rooms of public buildings. These measurements are correlated with reference values provided by the Ministry of Health, giving the user an estimate of the level of well-being inside the building. The data presented uses the project’s sensors and aggregation and distribution platform as open data.