OR6: Scalable distribution and display of large amounts of data

The goal of this activity is to advance the state of the art in the display industry of large models and to provide useful technologies for presenting urban data into the project web platform. To this end, new scalable technologies will be studied and developed for the dissemination of interactive experiences, using local accelerated GPU and geographic transmission solutions.

New hardware and software technologies for compression, display and distribution with high-speed diffusion networks and natural interaction methods will be combined, either for large-scale interactive multi-touch displays and personal mobile graphics terminals. In addition, vertical applications on real cases in the metropolitan area will be developed and tested, with special reference to numerical simulations with volumetric data (such as those resulting from the research activity on Environmental Risks and Citizens Safety) and to the presentation of cultural heritage data. As for the interactive display of open data on web platforms, visual methods based on information visualization techniques will be studied and applied to the project data and other aggregated open data. These methods will be also integrated into the project portal.