Citizen safety from environmental risks

The objective of this activity is to provide detailed forecasts of intense precipitation and heat waves events at the metropolitan spatial scale, exploiting the project big data and sensor infrastructure. Environmental sensors will be distributed on the territory and their measures will be combined with data provided by a weather radar and other pre-existing sensors.

A modeling chain will be created both for nowcasting (weather forecasts for a few hours) and for the intervalidation of data measured by low-cost sensors. In particular, a state-of-the-art limited-area model (LAM) chain will be implemented, based on GFS data as boundary and initial conditions, to provide a detailed short-term local forecast output, incorporating local sensor data.

Data acquired by distributed sensors will be returned to citizens as open data validated by means of a cross-model comparison with model simulations. An integrated computer system demonstrator will be also developed that, using validated data, nowcasting simulation ouput and risk management model results, will allow for optimal and timely management of specific scenarios of potential weather-related emergency related to intense precipitation and heat waves.